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Research Projects

Regulatory Compliance Framework for Trustworthy AI Medical Device Software (Reg-Fr-AIMs)

Reg-Fr-AIMs (2022-2026) is funded by Science Foundation Ireland under the Frontiers for the Future Partnership Programme, and is a collaboration between UCD’s Natural Computing Research & Applications Group led by Prof Michael O’Neill, and the Regulated Software Research Centre (RSRC) led by Prof Fergal McCaffery. Reg-Fr-AIMs sets out to develop a Regulatory Compliance Framework for Trustworthy AI Medical Device Software. Alongside Prof O’Neill, the UCD team of researchers include Dr Miguel Nicolau and Dr Annunziata Esposito Amideo. The funding, is worth €1.29 Million, and will see the recruitment of a team of 2 postdoctoral researchers and 6 PhD students.

Drug Interdiction using Smart Drones (GUARD)

GUARD (2022-2024) is a DTIF-funded project, and a collaboration between Tyndall, A-techSYN, University of Limerick, UCD, WAZP and VRAI.

Applications of Evolutionary Design (App’ED)

App’ED (2014-2020) is a Science Foundation Ireland Investigator Award (13/IA/1850) to Prof Michael O’Neill and includes collaborations with Nokia Bell Labs Ireland and ESB Networks in the domains of Smart Networks and Smart Grid.

ICON-UCD Advanced Analytics Scholarships

A collaboration with ICON Plc, the UCD Centre for Business Analytics and the UCD Natural Computing Research & Applications Group through Scholarships developing Advanced Analytics in the domain of Clinical Trial Management and beyond. The research of Dr Gilyana Borlikova and Stefano Mauceri have been supported through ICON Scholarships. A number of joint publications can be found in our groups list of publications.

Augmented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Elite Athlete Performance Monitoring

STATSports, Lero and Science Foundation Ireland fund this Sports Analytics collaboration (2018-2019) with UCD’s Natural Computing Research & Applications Group where we apply cutting edge methods from Machine Learning to augment human decision making for elite athlete performance management.

Evolutionary & Semantic Methods for Search-based Software Engineering

Funded through the Science Foundation Ireland Lero Centre for Software this project (2016-2018) involves the application of nature-inspired Smart Systems to Software Engineering with a particular focus on financial services software in collaboration with Fidelity Investments.

Natural Computing for Asset Management & Trading

As part of FMC2 (funded by Science Foundation Ireland 2009-2017) we develop and apply natured-inspired algorithms such as Grammatical Evolution, Genetic Programming and Social & Swarm Computing to problems drawn from computational finance including high-frequency algorithmic trading.

Semantics in Genetic Programming

was an Irish Research Council PhD scholarship award to Quang Uy Nguyen which focused on the development of semantic-aware search operators for genetic programming. Uy’s PhD thesis is available from our publications page.

Evolution in Dynamic Environments with Grammatical Evolution (EDGE)

A Science Foundation Ireland Investigator Award to Prof Michael O’Neill, which ran from 2009-2014, and included a collaboration with Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs Ireland in the domain of Smart Networks. Click here for more details on the project and its outputs.

Grammatical Representations for Evolutionary Design

was a Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers award (2007-2010) in collaboration with Dr Elizabeth Shotton and Dr Ciaran McNally. The natural process of biological evolution has served as a significant source of inspiration in the development of powerful problem solving tools by Computer Scientists. In particular, much success has been enjoyed through the application of these Evolutionary Algorithms to Design (e.g. analog circuits, music, graphic art and animation etc) through an artificial survival of the fittest process. This Evolutionary approach to Design has resulted in the most successful form of Artificial Intelligence to date, by routinely providing human-competitive and in some cases patentable design solutions. In this research we investigate the application of a powerful and novel Evolutionary Algorithm, Grammatical Evolution, developed in Ireland to the area of Architectural Design.

Meta-grammars and Grammatical Evolution for Dynamic Environments

was a Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers award to Prof Michael O’Neill, which ran from 2006-2009. Meta-Grammars are proposed as a novel approach to improve the evolvability of the grammar-based Genetic Programming approach of Grammatical Evolution. This will allow Grammatical Evolution to be more effectively applied to non-stationary (dynamic) problem domains such as those found in telecommunications (e.g. call routing), and financial modelling (e.g. risk management systems).

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