Welcome to the UCD Natural Computing Research & Applications Group

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers motivated by Artificial Intelligence and Complex Adaptive Systems, who are based in the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, operating at the intersections of disciplines including Business, Analytics, Computer Science, Statistics & Mathematics, and Biology.


2 new PhD’s

Congratulations to Dr David Lynch and Dr Stefan Forstenlechner who graduated with their PhD from UCD today. David’s thesis explored “Automated self-optimisation in heterogeneous wireless communications networks using techniques from evolutionary computation“, and Stefan’s focused on “Program Synthesis with Grammars and Semantics in Genetic Programming“.  

Business Analytics Capability, Organisational Value & Competitive Advantage

Our latest research published today in the Journal of Business Analytics shows evidence to support increased Business Analytics capability levels generate enhanced organisational value and competitive advantage. We  find that to drive organisational value and competitive advantage investments should be prioritised towards People first, then Governance, Culture and before finally Technology. Based on our findings …

HUMIES Gold Award for Human Competitive Artificial Intelligence

  NCRA researchers David Lynch,  David Fagan and Michael O’Neill, along with their collaborators from Nokia Bell Labs (Holger Claussen and Stepan Kucera), and NCRA alumnus Michael Fenton, have won the 2019 HUMIES Gold Award for a result demonstrating Human Competitive Artificial Intelligence using Evolutionary Computation. The underlying research was published recently in the leading journal …