Welcome to the UCD Natural Computing Research & Applications Group

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers motivated by Artificial Intelligence and Complex Adaptive Systems, who are based in the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, operating at the intersections of disciplines including Business, Analytics, Computer Science, Statistics & Mathematics, and Biology.


Optimizing Team Sport Training With Multi-Objective Evolutionary Computation

A collaboration between the UCD Natural Computing Research and Applications Group and STATSports has resulted in a journal publication introducing a novel method for mathematically optimising team sport training models using evolutionary computation. Connor M., Fagan D., Watters B., McCaffery F., O’Neill M. (2021). Optimizing Team Sport Training With Multi-Objective Evolutionary Computation. International Journal of Computer …


10 years on from hosting GECCO 2011 in Dublin, Ireland, Mark Connor and Michael O’Neill presented an approach to optimising the Banister Dose-Response Fitness-Fatique model used in athlete training management (arxiv draft) at GECCO 2021… Do you use the Banister Dose-Response/ Fitness-Fatigue Model? Well, chances are you might have been using it wrong all this …