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HUMIES Gold Award for Human Competitive Artificial Intelligence


NCRA researchers David Lynch,  David Fagan and Michael O’Neill, along with their collaborators from Nokia Bell Labs (Holger Claussen and Stepan Kucera), and NCRA alumnus Michael Fenton, have won the 2019 HUMIES Gold Award for a result demonstrating Human Competitive Artificial Intelligence using Evolutionary Computation. The underlying research was published recently in the leading journal in wireless communications networks and demonstrates a doubling to tripling of data rates on cellular networks. The HUMIES Gold Award was presented at the ACM GECCO Conference in Prague on 17 July 2019.

This is the second occasion that NCRA research has been recognised in the HUMIES.  In 2017  their research on Innovative Truss Design using Grammatical Evolution won the HUMIES Bronze Award.

What can Artificial Intelligence do for your organisation?

A new part-time Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics is accepting applications to commence at the end of April 2024, and features faculty from the UCD Natural Computing Research & Applications group. This is a fully accredited (NFQ Level 9 / 30 ECTS) PDip with six modules. Each module runs over two days on site in the Smurfit School, with modules running in April, June, Sep, Oct, Nov, and Jan.

Targeted at business executives, the diploma will provide participants with the knowledge, tools, and insights to demystify AI and business analytics and explore their application in their organisation. Real-world examples will be presented to demonstrate the capabilities, limitations, and opportunities provided by these technologies. Participants will discover how to leverage these to create a competitive edge for their business.

PhD Graduations Sep 2023

Congratulations to Dr Mark Connor and Dr Nam Le Hai who graduated with PhD’s from University College Dublin and the UCD Natural Computing Research & Applications Group on 5 September 2023. Dr Mark Connor’s PhD thesis title is Optimisation and Adaptation of Athlete Training Load with Evolutionary Computation. Dr Nam Le Hai’s thesis is The Interplay between Evolution and Learning in Dynamic Environments: Computational Metaphor of Adaptive Algorithms

Prof Anthony Brabazon (Dean UCD Business), Dr Nam Le Hai, Dr Mark Connor, Prof Orla Feely (President UCD), Prof Michael O’Neill
Dr Nam Le Hai and Dr Mark Connor

Recruiting Ethical-by-design AI Postdoc Fellow to Reg-Fr-AIMs

As part of the Science Foundation Ireland funded Reg-Fr-AIMs project we are seeking applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowship to be based at University College Dublin’s Natural Computing Research & Applications Group in Artificial Intelligence.

The Reg-Fr-AIMs project is a collaboration between the teams of Prof Fergal McCaffery (Regulated Software Research Centre in Dundalk Institute of Technology) and Prof Michael O’Neill (University College Dublin). At UCD the collaborating faculty and doctoral supervisory team includes Dr Annunziata Esposito Amideo, Dr Miguel Nicolau and Dr Mark Connor.

Reg-Fr-AIMs sets out to develop a Regulatory Compliance Framework for Trustworthy AI Medical Device Software. This includes research into adaptive, trustworthy and compliant AI technology. To this end, the research to be undertaken at UCD has a strong focus on adaptive representations for machine learning, optimisation and reasoning.

The Post-doctoral Research Fellow will work with a team of PhD students and collaborating faculty in both UCD and DKiT, to assist in the adaptive representations research, and to investigate how we incorporate Ethical-by-design AI technology into medical device software systems.

Applications open until 27 April 2023, and further details for Job Ref :015809 at

New Research Scientist

Dr Shree Krishna Acharya joins the UCD Natural Computing Research & Applications Group as a Research Scientist on the DTIF GUARD project. Dr Acharya joins us from Mokpo National University, South Korea.

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